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How do you cleanse crystals and gemstones with sage. Cleansing crystals and gemstones is a relatively simple and straight-forward process. There are several methods that you can use to cleanse any gemstone or crystal. It is important that I make it clear (before we move on) that we are talking about cleansing the energy, not cleaning the actual stone (for example by washing it with water). We are dealing here with a purifying process.

How to cleanse crystals

Although this article focuses on the purifying process, you can certainly clean your stone with soap and water, provided the soap is natural and organic. On the subject of preventing additional impure influences, it is a good practice to keep stones away from electrical cords, appliances, and strong chemicals (in short, anything with a harsh or un-natural vibe).

Smudging Ceremony

How to cleanse crystals with sage: One thing to keep in mind is that all stones are incredibly resilient and will not hold these negative influences. They can all be cleansed and purified. No stone is irreversibly altered by influence. The important thing is to learn to notice these influences on your stones by how it feels. Once you are able to tell that something has had a negative impact, you can immediately cleanse it. Until this sensitivity is present, just clean them when it occurs to you.

Smudge Kits

Sage cleanses crystals and gemstones by clearing the impact of negative psychic energy and residue. Burn good quality sage in your smudging ceremony that you might find in a smudge stick. You can also find dried sage loose in leaf form. The value of having loose sage is that you can burn a single leaf and it will stay burning for some time, without lighting the entire smudge stick and then having to smash it or pour water on it to put it out. The leaf simply burns and is done.

Hold the crystal or gemstone in one hand and the sage in the other and enjoy the process. When I say enjoy the process, I mean look at it as more than a utilitarian act. It is an opportunity, without programming the stone, to have good feelings about the stone and toward the stone. This is the best way to clear out negative vibes. Nothing works as well as sage, and sage with sweet-grass or some other combination is not as effective.

If you are in the kind of emotional space that is conducive to feeling good about the process, then simply wait until you are in that space. On the other hand, you can get so wrapped up in the type of space you are in, that you might never cleanse your stones. After all, you wouldn't be working with crystals if you didn't have your fair share of subconscious influences. Don't worry about all that, just wish the stone and yourself well when cleansing-- and be genuine.

Cleansing Crystals with Sea Salt

The second type of cleansing is with sea salt. I would do both. Put the stone in a bed of sea salt that fully covers the stone. The sea salt is a crystalline form itself and gives the stone what you might call "primal encouragement" from nature to just be itself. This is not about clearing out negative vibes but enhancing the rich qualities of the stone itself, almost like amplifying it and encouraging it to know itself so that it can do its best.

Cleansing Crystals with Intent

The last bit of cleansing can work in a pinch if neither of the above are available. Just direct your own energy into the stone and be clear that you want it to be cleansed. This method requires a strong amount of trust on your part to be effective, but it can really work well once the trust aspect has kicked in for you. Look at the stone with the intent that it is being cleansed. Sometimes I even blow gently on it and visualize my breath cleansing it.

Good Vibrations

There are some gemstone-specific methods for both cleansing and enhancing your stones. Some are very fond of the moon in its cycles. Some prefer the bright pounding light of the sun. Some like specific colors being cast on them (color therapy) and the same goes with sound. They are vibrational in nature and respond to vibration that is pure and clean. Good music, good light, good intentions, and good feelings. These are what are most important. What a shock, eh? A bit like ourselves.

If any questions remain in your wish to cleanse your stones, please use the comment section below to ask them, and I will do my best to answer those questions. Enjoy good clean crystals and gemstones.

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Cleansing Crystals


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